Why Does My Vacuum Smell Burnt?

Vacuums collect debris in our homes, keeping them clean and new. Your home can become significantly less pleasant if you detect an odd burning smell coming from your vacuum when it is in operation. But why does my vacuum smell burnt?

The burning odor may be caused by a variety of issues, some severe and some mild. To safeguard your hoover and yourself, immediate action should be taken to identify the source of the problem and fix it.

Problems with the Belt

A broken vacuum belt is the most common source of a burning odor from a Hoover or some other vacuum. As the unit works, the belt runs through the vacuum, causing the brush to spin in the vacuum.

Normal wear and tear, being trapped on the brush (if the brush is stuck or not spinning properly), or falling off track can all cause damage to the belt. Heat blistering, tearing, or stretching of the belt can all result in a sudden burning odor that smells like burnt rubber. To fix the issue, the belt must be replaced.

To get a new belt, go to a Hoover store or call the company with the make and model number of your vacuum. Fix the belt according to the directions in your owner’s manual, or hire a Hoover repair service to do it for you.

Burn-Out Motor

Your vacuum’s motor can simply stop working and burn out on occasion. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most popular are excessive vacuuming or just using an old vacuum with a worn-out motor.

This issue emits an odor that is similar to burning wires or molten plastic. Your motor should be replaced by a reputable vacuum repair company or a Hoover care professional. Occasionally, the engine does not fully burn out, but instead overheats for a few moments before cooling down.

A Filthy Motor

Your vacuum’s job is to search for and collect dust in the building. As a result, whether your vacuum is old or new, the motor can accumulate dust over time.

This may also be caused by a clogged filter. Dust accumulation is normal and usually does not pose a problem. If the dust builds up too much, the motor can emit a burning odor as it burns it off. Normally, a burning odor isn’t a cause for alarm.

The scent should go away until the dust has finally burned out of the motor chamber. If the odor persists, contact a Hoover repair expert to decide your vacuum’s next course of action.

Other Issues

Your vacuum can sometimes emit a burning odor that is unrelated to any of the problems mentioned above (in terms of odor or symptoms). Contact an approved vacuum repair center if this happens. It’s possible that the problem is too difficult for you to fix on your own, and that continuing to use your vacuum under these conditions is risky.

Taking your vacuum to a repair professional helps him to give it a thorough “check-up” and identify the source of the problem, as well as any other issues with the unit.