How to Vacuum a Shag Carpet (The Proper Way)

A shag carpet looks stunning and is comfy beneath your feet, however they can be tough to tidy. Not many people know how to vacuum a shag carpet the right way.

This is because of its long, thick hairs of fiber.

Inappropriate or hurried cleaning can harm these hairs and even the whole shag carpet.

It’s simple to tidy and vacuum a shag carpet with a little knowledge.

Understand Shag Rugs Are Delicate.

Shag carpets and shag rugs are incredibly fragile.

The long, thick hairs of fiber can quickly end up being knotted in a vacuum.

The problem is that your vacuum will attempt to suction up these hairs like they were dirt or particles.

This is dangerous for both the vacuum and the shag rug.

It is recommended not to utilize an upright vacuum cleaner on a shag carpet due to how fragile they are.

Shake the shag carpet

A great way to clean up a shag carpet is to merely shake it out.

Take the carpet outdoors and shake it around to get rid of the large bulk of dirt and particles. Hang the shag carpet from a laundry line.

Another choice is to utilize a carpet beater to clean a lot more dust and other particles.

Vacuum Clean the Shag Carpet utilizing a vacuum accessory to tidy shag carpet.
In some cases the old-fashioned technique of cleaning a carpet does not eliminate all of the particles. Or possibly your shag carpet is too big to clean on your own.

If you choose to vacuum your shag carpet, it’s vital that you utilize the brush accessories instead of the vacuum itself, or that you utilize a vacuum specialized on shag carpets.

Lots of vacuums have motorized rollers that can lead the shag carpet to get knotted under.

The brush accessory, on the other hand, does not have these rollers. Rather, it simply gets particles through suction.

Pass the brush accessory over the carpet to get any particles left after shaking the carpet out.

Think About Hiring a Professional Cleaner.

Depending upon the worth of your shag carpet, it may be a much better concept to work with an expert cleaning company to clean your carpet.

These services have the unique tools, devices, and experience needed to skillfully clean up a shag run without triggering damage.

Think about purchasing a carpet shampooer. It is a one time financial investment that will extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking fresh.

Sure, it may cost more in advance, however if you have an important shag rag, purchasing an expert cleaning company or purchasing a carpet shampooer will considerably extend the general life of your carpet.